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The Wheel SP medical app, similar to its i Pad cousin–(the Wheel HD, previously reviewed with 9 other obstetric wheel apps–seeks to help prenatal care providers calculate pregnancy-related dates simply and quickly. Furthermore, you can take the patient’s pregnancy dating information you have and simply select which field you want to control.The rolling month, day, year roulette feature allows you quickly select the appropriate date.The interface is well-designed and very simple to navigate.

Their bulky shape makes them difficult to store anywhere other than in a white coat pocket and the flimsiness of their design allows for significant wear & tear with regular use.Upon opening the app you are directed from the loading page to a self-explanatory options page.This options area is where Perfect OB Wheel really excels – unlike many other OB Wheel apps that allow calculation based only on last menstrual period, this one allows the user a choice of entering data based on Last Menstrual Period (LMP), Conception Date, Due Date or Number of Gestational Weeks.In doing so, a new bottom half of the screen appears and gives you an estimated fetal weight (EFW) estimate in grams and pounds/ounces, as well as lists days of pregnancy completed and remaining.Comparing the Wheel SP medical apps to its i Pad cousin, I had two questions: can I still manipulate the date and EGA to calculate the LMP or EDC?

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